Friday, May 4, 2012

School work

Not much to report as of late.

School is starting to get more demanding as big end of semester projects are almost due. School in NZ does not have much tests, instead a lot of essays - not something I'm used to. I can't believe there is pretty much only a month left of this semester... I definitely feel like leaving after only one semester would've seemed too short.

I'm hoping to go skiing in June, should be really fun! The slopes will have only been open for a week or so at that point. Also in the plans is a trip down to Dunedin. I have a friend from high school down there, as well as all of the Otago University students I met during my orientation week for Australearn on the north island. It'd be great to meet up with them as well as see that area. Probably a weekend trip. Just gotta work out transport.

Plans are in the works!

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