Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lyttelton and Diamond Harbour

Last weekend my friend and I took a spontaneous day trip to Lyttelton, a harbour town on the east coast of Christchurch. It was about an hour bus ride from Lincoln. We had a short bus layover in the center city in Christchurch so I took the opportunity to finally get some pictures of the city's destruction.

The center of the city is blocked off and abandoned. They are doing construction work in there, but there doesn't appear to be much major progress. I think they are partially concerned about another earthquake and therefore are hesitant to rebuild.

They have however reopened some shops using shipping containers. It's a pretty neat and creative idea and they turned out really good!

Then we got back on the bus to Lyttelton. We got there with no agenda and walked towards the docks in the port. We ended up discovering that you can take a short ferry to the other side of the bay to Diamond Harbour, so we hopped on!

Diamond Harbour was beautiful. We ate lunch there and went on a hike around the coastline. The water was a really pretty green color. 

Then we headed back to Lyttelton and took some time to actually walk around. They got hit pretty bad by the earthquake, especially since it's one of the original founding towns and has a lot of historic buildings. 

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