Monday, September 3, 2012

Family trip updates

I was lucky to have my mom and aunt visit me in New Zealand for 2.5 weeks. Here is a bit of a recap on our adventures. Our trip began with a two night stay in Queenstown. Despite the fact that it was winter, the weather was pretty mild and we got lucky with sun and clear skies most days. 

The first day we went horseback riding in Glenorchy, a small town 45 minutes from Queenstown. We were able to ride in some of the sites where the Lord of the Rings filming took place. It was very remote and very beautiful. We had great horses and a great time!

The second day it was time to be more extreme! The three of us did the Nevis Swing. This swing is suspended over a 150m canyon and you plummet to a 70m freefall. It was so scary! I was shaking the entire time. The adrenaline rush was incredible, as were the views. The experience was totally worth it and I'd definitely do it again!

An aerial view of Queenstown from the top of a hill overlooking the town. A gondola took us up there and the views were spectacular. Also at the top was a luge track where you sit in go-kart type vehicles and race down a track. Mom was the fastest. 

On our final day, Paige and I conquered an actual bungy. It was a 43m jump and definitely did not need to be any longer. It was an incredible experience. I didn't let myself think about it at all. You just had to go for it before your mind said NO!

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