Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back in school!

It's my first day of school (finally)! My earliest class is at 8:30am. A lot of days I'm done by 1:30pm... sometimes later if I have a lab. But those labs vary.. as they can sometimes be "tutorials" instead, which are basically extra help. So on days that they are tutorials they are optional, which is nice. Also, there are designated field trip days and if you don't have a field trip scheduled you don't have class. The teachers claim that about half of your 150 total hours of work for the class are outside of the classroom... but at Poly we all know that no one follows the suggested 25-35 hours of studying a week, so we'll see what is ACTUALLY necessary. The only bummer so far is that your finals are worth at least 50% of your final grade, which is a bit rough.

Each class today started with an earthquake safety brief. The current method is to duck, cover and hold (like under a desk). No more standing in door ways. Apparently there have already been two small earthquakes since I've been here... I haven't felt either of them. The kiwis here joke that it has to be at least a 5 for people to even recognize it. There are a lot of closed buildings and construction on campus due to the earthquakes. For example, the dining hall is temporarily on a basketball court at the rec center. Although the new dining hall is supposed to be completed by next semester.

The best part about a small school is how quick it is to walk everywhere... 5 mins tops anywhere on campus. It's also weird just how many people I recognize walking around. I think it'll be fun once I get to know more people.

I'll get some pictures of campus soon!

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