Sunday, February 19, 2012

Choice as!

Adventure day today! Our day started at 8am and we got back around 5pm. Our group drove to a geothermal park and we walked around the park on a marked path for about an hour viewing all the different sulfur and mud pools. There was also a geyser that we learned they actually have to induce with soap to get it to erupt on a timely manner for tourists. 

This green pool was really neat, and truly was bright, neon green from the high concentration of sulfur. 

Next we went jet-boating! Essentially it was white water rafting in a jet boat... so we jumped the rapids and did batman turns. I was wearing my rain jacket so I stayed pretty dry until our driver proceeded to dump gallons of water over us all. All my clothes were soaked and none of us had brought a change of clothes, so needless to say I was wet for the rest of the day. Afterwards we went luging and our super cool bus driver, Thomas, came with us! He told us all about the area and things to say in New Zealand. We all already knew "sweet as," but apparently "choice" is popular as well... so we combined the two and came up with "choice as" which Thomas found pretty amusing. Thomas was the fastest luger of all of us and enjoyed passing us and running us off the track haha. Overall it was great day! Tomorrow morning we leave for the airport and our schools - time to start my adventure on the south island!


  1. Pish....What an adventure you've had in such a short amount of time...not sure I would have done well on your caving since I'm a bit phobic...eeek! Can't wait to see more pictures! Great Blogging!

  2. Thanks! The excitement has slowed down a bit, so the blogging will too. But I'll try to get pictures of the school up soon.

  3. Sounds like a blast! So how exactly do you use choice as in a sentence?

  4. Haha pretty much the same way you'd use the word awesome!