Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kia Ora!

I'm finally here and it has already been quite the adventure.

First off, the flight was way better and easier than I expected. We were on a brand new "All Blacks" version 777. The plane was an awesome looking black beast and when we walked on it was lit up with purple lighting that reminded me of something you'd see in a night club. The entertainment was incredible - there were over 80 movies to choose from and full seasons of tv shows, all free of course. I watched 2 movies and then slept for 4-5 hours and watched another one when I got up... it all went by pretty quick. I ended up having some problems in customs as I learned that dirt on your shoes/boots is a no no... Needless to say I should've cleaned them off first, as they are no sopping wet from biosecurity - it happens.

We drove straight to Auckland (on the wrong side of the road) and quickly set off to explore. We had three hours in the city to ourselves and were told to meet back at the hotel after... with no sense of direction or where we were, our advice was to head towards the sky tower. It was fun to not have a plan. We ate breakfast at a cafe near the harbor and went in some shops, overwhelmed at the prices. There are 60 people in my group and they are all going to the University of Otago except myself and one other person - I guess Lincoln is small!

I got a phone today... which is so simple that its impossible to use, and just finished dinner. I'm going to stay up a couple more hours to help my jet lag and then its off to bed for me!

We stumbled upon this park with really neat trees with huge overhanging branches. We discovered that the park bordered the University of Auckland.

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  1. Pish,
    Glad you landed safely and managed to convince them the US soil is the best and not contaminated! Way to hit the ground exploring! Keep the post up, its awesome and something to look back on!
    Miss you already!
    Auntie Paige