Saturday, March 24, 2012

Go Crusaders!

Great rugby game this evening! Canterbury Crusaders (home team) vs. the Cheetahs from South Africa. This was the first home game for the Crusaders since the earthquake so it was a very big deal for the people of Christchurch and a bit emotional. 

I certainly am no rugby expert but I do know a few basic rules. The ball cannot be passed forwards, only sideways or backwards. However, the ball can be ran or kicked forward. So the basic formation is always the two teams working in a line trying to get through the other team. When someone is tackled or the ball is dropped, the play does not stop... the ball is just picked up and that team continues. So it is a pretty quick moving game. 

When a ball is kicked out of bounds, it is thrown back in at what's called a line-out (shown below) where the players throw a jumper into the air in attempts to gain possession. 

And finally, this is called a scrum and is used to restart the game when the ball is out of play. The ball is placed in the center of the teams and they push against each other while using their feet to kick the ball out to a team member.

It was a really great game and I'm so glad I went. The Crusaders won 28-21, a victory for Christchurch!

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