Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lots of planning

This week my weekend has pretty much started as of Wednesday afternoon. I had one class Wednesday, nothing today (Thursday) due to it being a campus wide field trip day, and one class on Friday. It's a pretty sweet deal!

Tonight I'm seeing the Hunger Games movie with my friends. It'll be interesting to see how the movies differ here, for one they are $15 and two, it's assigned seating which is interesting. Should be a great movie though, and I'm excited about the fact that we get to see it before it comes in the US!

This Saturday I'm going to my first rugby game with the U of Canterbury students here through Australearn! This is the first game being played in the new stadium since the earthquake.

Another exciting today was the fact that our April trip has been finalized and various activities and reservations have been purchased online. I'm making the south island trip that was planned for the first week (the big ticket items including a Fox glacier hike and a Milford Sound cruise), and am now also going to explore the north island on the second week of break. My wallet is certainly already feeling it, but between hostels, tents, and cheap groceries, I'll be making up for it the best I can.

Pictures to come!

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