Sunday, March 18, 2012

Surfing in Christchurch

This past weekend was beautiful and my friends and I decided to go to New Brighton beach for a beach day/surfing expedition. It's about an hour bus ride, but well worth it. I didn't try surfing, I was designated photographer, but Maggie and Ericka made valiant attempts at surfing. They didn't progress much past their knees, but they had a good time! We also had lunch in the town and checked out some of the local shops. We all had fish and chips, which was good but still not nearly as good as the fish I had in Akaroa a couple weeks ago. That fish set my standard so high I'm not sure it will ever be met again...

Maggie on the left, and Ericka on the right. 

I got to use my zoom lens for the first time, which worked really well. It's definitely zoom only though.. to get the posed shots they had to stand pretty far away. 

If we go again I will definitely try surfing again. They had a lot of fun, and the water was definitely warmer than California!

Also, we've started making our April break plans - and if all goes as planned this is the proposed road trip:


  1. Great pics! Your proposed trip looks like you will see a lot of the country.

  2. That's the plan! Hopefully things get finalized any day now.