Saturday, June 9, 2012

Andrenalin Forest!

Yesterday, Saturday, we spent the afternoon at Adrenalin Forest. The park consists of a high ropes course. Instead of having a couple thrilling elements, there was a series of obstacles that you progress through. There were 6 levels, 6 being the hardest. I ended up doing courses 2, 4, and 6. It took about 3 hours. 

The safety protocol there was really interesting. I feel like in the states at ropes courses you generally have employees that make sure you are properly attached at each obstacle. Here, it was our job to be responsible for our own safety. We had two carabiners to hook us on and were responsible for moving them as we moved along in the course - we were required to have at least one hooked on at all times. But there was no one actually monitoring this, so if you were being stupid and negligent, you could technically fall. 

Level 6 was really, really scary. We were over 65 ft high in the trees and the wooden platforms you stand on between obstacles had gotten significantly smaller. Also, the trees swayed while we were in them. The obstacles had gotten harder as well. One of the most intimidating was called the adrenaline max jump. It required you to grab onto a rope and swing into a "spider web" net. We had done one of these on a lower level course, but this one was high in the air and had a free-fall before the rope caught you. I'm definitely glad I did it though.

This was a series of tunnels that you crawled through on your back. These were easy, but you often got things caught on the barrels. 

Here is an attempt at an overview image of Adrenalin Forest. It's hard to see but you can see some of the obstacles, including the lower level "spider web." I unfortunately don't have any pictures on level 6, we were too scared to do anything but focus at our tasks at hand. 

Overall, the place was really fun. And very tiring. I'd do it again. And all though I would have a better idea of what was coming, I think my heart would still be racing, and my legs still shaking on level 6. 

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