Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hanmer Springs

I am currently in the midst of my second 2 week break since being in New Zealand. It is the end of the first semester though, which means I don't have to do any work or studying over this break. I'm staying with my friend Nicole over break which has been great. Her family has been so accommodating. We started off the break with a 2 night, 3 day trip to Hanmer Springs. It's a little mountain town 1.5 hours NW of us, known for its hot springs. 

We rented a house right in the heart of Hanmer. It was clean and cute and had a perfect location. It was fun to be able to cook our own meals and get a fire going.

On our last day we went on a couple hour bike ride. It was really fun. You don't realize how many trails are around Hanmer. It was a bit slippery since it had rained the day before, but not bad at all. There was a little bit of snow too. 

We went to the hot pools 2 days during our trip. They had tons of pools of different temperature. Most were thermal pools, some were sulfur. It was fun to try each of the pools. I had a great time!

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