Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

My 21st birthday was this past thursday! It was very exciting, and lots of fun to get cards and gifts from my friends and family! 21 is not a big deal here, as the drinking age is 18, but we still had to celebrate to the like! That night, my friends had baked me a vanilla and coconut cake. It was delicious! Unfortunately with no refrigeration or plastic wrap, it got stale fairly quickly. 

That night we went out to the "Grouse," the local pub in Lincoln. It's about a 1km walk from campus, not bad at all. I had a single vodka lemonade. It didn't taste too bad, but I still wasn't keen on having another one. 

The next day, Maggie and Matt arranged a surprise birthday outing for Ericka and I, whose birthday is Sunday. They took us to the horse races! It was really fun to bet on the ponies. I ended up winning $2.40 haha! Not much of a profit but I had a great time!!

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