Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snow in June!

We got snow in Christchurch! This doesn't happen all that often here, but it's no supernatural event, they probably get a couple days of snow each winter. But anyways, I woke up to snow Wednesday morning. It was very exciting! The snow was very wet and slushie. There was only a maximum of an inch, but we took full advantage of it by making snow angels, having a snow ball fight and building a snow man. It was loads of fun.

Christchurch is not used to dealing with snow and therefore the campus closed on Wednesday and Thursday, which cancelled the first day of final exams! Unfortunately, I didn't have any on that day.

According to the news, thousands of homes lost power and people were stocking up on supplies. Remember, this is from about an inch of snow! It was pretty ridiculous. I personally did not lose power, although our cable was out due to "atmospheric conditions." Overall, it was a great, fun-filled day in the snow!

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